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The Smart Ageing Community


What is it?

The Smart Ageing Community is a panel of people aged 50+ who want to have their voices heard.

They have a key role to play shaping the thinking of companies, NGOs, government agencies and researchers – by participating in surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews and co-design workshops, testing prototypes and trialling new products and services before they are launched onto the market.

Businesses, service agencies and researchers are becoming increasingly aware that the 50+ consumer market, is the wealthiest, fastest growing but often neglected of all the consumer groups.  But they are also part of an emerging new life stage – healthier, younger in outlook, active, working much longer – than their parents’ generation.  There are a myriad of new business opportunities across the sectors– but exploiting them requires meaningful insights into the changing needs and lifestyles of this diverse and poorly understood cohort.

For the 50+ Consumer

Aged 50+, fed up with the limitations of whats on offer or feeling you could be better served, become a Member of our Smart Ageing Community.  Have your voice heard.  And get rewarded for doing so!

Its simple –

  • To REGISTER please complete the profile form below. We assure you that all your data is strictly confidential.  We will never sell it or share it with others.
  • We contact you when we have clients who want to get your views – and if it suits you that’s great.
  • We think you will really enjoy participating in the research – the issues covered can be very interesting.
  • We will also be able to pay you a modest stipend for some of that work, especially focus groups, in-depth interviews, trials.
  • When possible, we will provide you with a summary of the findings from the research you participated in.
  • We send you a quarterly ezine – full of relevant news and offers – including members-only invitations to webinars/seminars with topics of interest.


For the Businesses, Service Agencies and Researchers

Seeking to better understand and respond to the changing needs of the 50+ consumer

Aware that you may be overlooking or under-serving this important group of consumers!  Seeking insights into their changing lifestyles, ambitions, values.  Needing to understand how best to communicate with them – what alienates, what resonates.

SAVI is building a community of 500+ people aged over 50, who actively want to participate in research that results in better responses to their needs.  They are willing to participate in surveys, focus groups, co-design workshops, testing prototypes and trialling new products and services in the real world outside the lab.  We can help you in the design of your research – through our in-depth knowledge of this market.

For further information please contact us: